Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cigarette and my blood.

Sooo…have you ever burnt yourself with a cigarette??? Eh?? Intentionally??? Ever watched hot liquid wax smolder your skin, drop after drop? Ever pricked on a wound? Disturbed an aching tooth for hours…until you could taste your own salty warm blood?? It hurts, doesn’t it? But if it puts a smile across your face, all that pain... and if you like that saline taste of your own blood read on...

Hi! I am Anugrah Bohrey and I am smoking… with each drag I mock my bronchitis and I fucking feel awesome. Two years back I volunteered for a “quit smoking” campaign for the D.U. campus… I told many to quit …even convinced a few…but could have I been a smellier dick? I smoke now and without a hint of guilt for it makes me either forget the “truth” or maybe deal with it or maybe my smoking is a repercussion/ramification of knowing the “truth”. This truth I know is, that I am insignificant, miniscule and negligible, that whatever I may do or undo I will be erased off this planet and it won’t make a difference to the universe…fuck me even the eradication of this planet won’t make a difference to the universe… I mean I may write stories, make movies, make ultra cool software …and what’s your face…..even find a cure for the fucking (this time used literally) syndrome, I will die. Nothing perpetual, humanity will be wiped off this planet alongwith Shakespeare's plays and Microsoft Windows, still... somehow I grew up learning that this universe revolves around me… that something good is always in store for me… that “god” will never let anything happen to me… that if I live according to the prescribed pattern my life will be “good”. that one day i will be a millionaire, marry a hottie who is too much for me in bed....and live happlily ever after with the slut and her bastards. But now it fucking pinches me… now that I have realized that I am decaying and deteriorating each day… that I am no better than a rotting egg, if I saw myself through a bigger and actual perspective.

“They” define “good/right/white” for me…

“They” define “bad/wrong/black” too…

What if “they” are wrong again as “they” were about the earth being flat. What if black actually is better than white… or may be nothing is better… what if good is as bad as bad and bad is as good as good.

What if pain is the real happiness and happiness is the real pain or both are equally good.

What if “they” all are but fools who entertain the sadistic god everyday.

So, is it wrong/right to kill people??

Is it wrong/right to fascinate nuns or maybe your siblings??

Is it wrong/right to abuse god??

What if it all started off on a wrong foot?? What if black was the real white…

What if smoking is actually “good” ...for the worst it can do is... kill……but seriously …did you really think….ahem!..(cough…cough)…damn!!! I like the saline taste.

P.S. (46. Fuck! Even Michael Jackson died. 58.fairness solutions have always been there, 73. I see this one as my most humourous writeup ever !!!)


  1. smoking helps in normal bowel movemnt...wch lat8r on makes u feel fresh....

  2. kudos man....way 2 go..Loved it...

  3. Entire article was pretty fast. Not able to catch completely what you are trying to say here, but whatever got into my mind was good enough. I was in same state of mind a year back, but ultimately these questions doesn't matter that much.

    "What if black actually is better than white… or may be nothing is better… what if good is as bad as bad and bad is as good as good.

    What if pain is the real happiness and happiness is the real pain or both are equally good."

    but they definitely gives a better balanced understanding of few decision(s) you face in life.

  4. i think i didn't got what you are actually trying to say through this!!!!
    may be you are confused about your habit of smoking!!!
    let i tell you one thing..yeah its true that it doesn't matter at all to the world or universe what you do...if you are present or absent ....
    but it matters to yourself for sure...
    do good things for yourself not just to show others what you are engaged in....
    more broadly ..yourself know that smoking is injurious to your health... what else you want???

  5. absolutely,i agree to my full.Some things are good when left the way it is,whether it be the revolution of earth or the typical lebanesse needs no additional flavours to get better.Cigarette is something which is not quited by the man ,it is the cigarette himself who decides.So my fellah,trust the almighty,and do what you are told to.He does everything for our betterment,follow him as salvation lies in him...take it out and ride the unicorn...once again.

  6. If black was the real white, we would have argued that perhaps black is more gross than white is. Do not get tied up in nomenclature dude, it is what makes you feel convenient and comfortable and that until death and think no more. Death is perhaps black but it has a stand, it is dark, grave and black. Life is too much of a mess. Way too many situations and feelings- white, black, blue and even pink. Life is disorderly. Death is wonderful and now mate I peace out.

  7. now....i think i am as confused as you smoking...and whats actually good and whats bad......i....about your blog......but somehow...i feel............u always intended it to be so....nice post....keep it up.....

  8. couldn't get ur view....anyway smoking gives u short time pleasure and gives u long time death.

    A burning Cigarette says "Today its me and tomorrow its u"

  9. u r right anto ....u are by far the farthest....from my point.... by the way...m happy for you...cause it's ppl like you who actually cherish the "world"..

  10. dude... I really understand wht ur trying to convey,,,, trust me ur post horrified me... Please dnt do such things wid ur self.. and i kw ur big enuf to understand... UR IMPORTANT NOT FOR EVERYONE... but yes their are many... many people around u... wen dey read ur post... dey will get hurt.. :(

    Take care
    God bless u

    P.S. Smoking is not a option

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog... which colg do u belong to?? I am also DU student.. Please dnt ask colg... its very silly... :(

  12. Anugrah, Bro...which Brand do you prefer? Mine is Navy Cut!!! Hehe...As the 1st comment felicitate in easier bowel movement...and takes away the pain..the life, it is!


  13. Well! a good blog bro!.... well! smoke thrills but kills and let u in a world of fumes.... where ur eyes cant see.... ears cant hear... and eventually gives u an artificial death........ scriptted by Urself... directed by urself... not an one man show actually... coz ppl around u alzo get.......the worm inside their lungs...

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  15. Thats a nice post, Realistic and Natural is what I wish to comment! Keep writing

  16. one line for you: Smokers die sooner! <_<
    neways....nice writing though!

  17. Some what after reading this it makes me think that after-all Smoking might not be a bad habit...thx man i'll forward this msg.

  18. This article is a mixture, just like a blend of colours that forms a rainbow, but since a rainbow comes out stunning, so does this article.
    Im glad you allowed yourself a free flow of thoughts and did not restrict yourself. Each sentence has a new idea and a lot of depth. Its a moving article. quiet Imaginative! But keeping in mind you general readers i wud advice you to hold on to one idea the next time.

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  20. anugrahism..its just not.." all smoke no fire" it certainly depicts ur enigma..beautiful use f oxymorons.. no doubt u r n honest crook.. its all living dead here. there is no diff in life n death ,the transition between them is difficult, so smoke n make it easier n faster..GEETA says no one dies , no one kills,,y to worry what is rite , or if right is wrong.. do wat ur heart says.
    its wonderful,, "blood n smoke" grt work of ur mind n pen.its like COLD FIRE, defeaning silence,,, sweet sorrow,.
    let it be black or white,, i ll be wearing coloured glasses..

  21. Well, I've never been a smoker. But I like to see people smoking, because fire is one of the most dangerous forces of nature and it is a wonderful sight to see it being tamed at a man's fingertips (That line was from Atlas Shrugged. Just in case you find out about it later and accuse me of plagiarism. Guess i am safe now! :) )
    On a more serious note, i think the whole scenario about cigarette was a metaphor (correct me if i am wrong). If it wasn't, i think it was the link to explain other things. In my honest opinion, whatever you do (no matter how big or small it is), it does make some difference to the world around you. For eg: your blog. It has certainly made people to THINK, hasn't it? So you have surely made a difference.
    If pain is the real happiness, it is called masochism. If happiness is the real pain, it is called pessimism. Both are bad.
    And about correct or wrong: In my view, whatever you do, and i mean WHATEVER, you are right, provided it profits you in some way and doesn't cause any problem or annoyance to others.
    Finally, sometimes if some habits are overdone, they bring nothing but pain. Though, this doesn't apply to the habit of reading and writing. So keep writing! It was certainly a wonderful article. I really enjoyed reading it mucho grande!

    (Pls go through my other posts. If you like any, don't forget to post your comments)

  22. It seems like you use all isms to reach your end, rather than allowing isms to use you as means to reach their end.....
    Anyways, there is no one best way either.
    Yes, good and bad are relative, so is you. Perception do matters and so is rationality.

  23. " every philosopher has as equal and opposite philosopher "

    thats all i can say on this post ...
    there is no good,there is no bad ... there only "is" n "is not"

  24. smokin for the soul..
    try writing a book in line with chicken soup for ze soul

  25. hmm, good one!
    yes, i dont think 'good' and 'bad' exist and it makes no sense to judge those who smoke and put them in the 'bad' category ..which is so common :|
    its a personal choice each his own.

  26. i'e burnt myself with a cigarette on purpose once. i still have the scars. wasn't pleasant. i was too drunk to feel it at the moment, but the next morning...not nice.

  27. All i understand from this article is that , when u don't have any reason behind your deed ... you speak about anything...
    its like "love for a reason .. let the reason be love..."

    No one cares if i write a post ... no one cares if write a blog ...
    no one cares if i posted a reply to u..
    then why m i writing this blog for everyone ???

    bcoz we all want...

    wud like to conclude with ...PEENE WALON KO PEENE KA BAHAN CHAHIYE..LOLZ

  28. it went depth and gotten very interesting after "black/white/good/bad" came into picture.